Thursday, December 2, 2010

From The Wall Street Journal

Real Estate: Sales of U.S. houses jumped 10 percent in October

Real Estate: Pending sales of U.S. houses jumped by a record 10 percent in October.
The association’s pending-home-sales index rose to 89.3 in October from 80.9 in September.
Consider investing in real estate in Westchester , NY. Westchester, New York has become an even more attractive option to invest in real estate due to its historic appreciation in real estate. Purchasing a home in Westchester NY may be a terrific investment.

Consider investing in a Westchester , NY where you can enjoy the beautiful countryside, only a short 20 minuts drive away from the most beautiful and art-filled cities in the world.

Westchester, NY is a beautiful community, rich in history, excellent schools and 20 - 25 minute train ride into Manhattan. Westchester County unemployment rate remained well below the national average at 7.3% in July, reflecting the health of New York City, where many local residents work. As a vibrant suburb of New York City, Westchester County is a viable place to do business and will be for the foreseeable future

People moving to New York to take high paying jobs and experience the cosmopolitan lifestyle of the few world financial capitals is the key for New York real estate now. The outlook is currently a little shaky. I will through out one new factor, which is that city's with strong mass transit systems are the most cost effective places to live in a world where energy supply, not money supply will be the gating factor for growth. One this count NYC scores big time and this

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