Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Working with a Rental Agent!

Looking to lease an Apartment in some of New York’s hottest new residential buildings in FiDi, Financial District, can be a daunting task if unfamiliar with the neighborhood.
Gold Street, John Street, Water Street and Wall Street all sound like the home to financial institutions, and they are, they are also the addresses of some of the hottest residential rental properties in Manhattan today.
Choosing the right Rental Agent is the first step towards finding the apartment that is right for you in FiDi.
When looking for an Apartment most people begin with the classifieds, this is the wrong place to start. The right place to start is to look for a reliable Real Estate Agent who can guide you through the listings of available apartments on Pearl Street, Hanover Street and the rest of New York’s newest residential destination located on the oldest streets in Manhattan.
You can spend hours searching the classifieds or spend a half hour with a seasoned FiDi Real Estate Agent discussing what you are looking for in an apartment, what you can afford to pay and the amenities that are important to you.
Before the interview is over, a Professional Real Estate Agent will already start matching you and an apartment together in their mind. Working together with a Real Estate Agent when searching for an Apartment in Manhattan’s fastest growing residential neighborhood provides you with an ally who knows the turf, can negotiate the once cobblestoned streets, and get you into a building that has an apartment that precisely meets your needs without spending weeks searching through classified ads.
Instead of spending hours online, or gazing the newspapers, spend some time getting to know the Real Estate Agents who know the streets of FiDi, know the buildings and the people that make this a unique living experience. Not just any Real Estate Agent will do, you need to be able to spot the signs of a good Real Estate Agent, and there are overt telltale signs that will let you know that this is a Real Estate Agent who can help you from the search for a Fidi apartment to the signing of the lease.
  • Appearance Matters – On your first meeting with a Real Estate Agent, they should project Professionalism, from the location and cleanliness of their office to their manner of dress and how they greet you. When you step into their office, an uptown office is hardly a good indication that the Agent is familiar with the FiDi Neighborhood. You should feel welcomed and comfortable. You will be working closely with your Real Estate Agent in your quest for an apartment, which makes a good rapport an important element of your relationship. The office should be neat and organized, you don’t want to meet an Agent who has folders scattered on file cabinets, floors, chairs and all over the desk, this is a sign that you will not get the attention you deserve when searching for your apartment.
  • Inventory, Inventory, Inventory - Can't empasize this enough but an agent you encounter needs to be up to speed with inventory. Timing is everything. He or she should know what apartments are available, at what price and pretty much at the same time that you make the first contact with them. You do not want to waste your time with someone who is a guessmaster because then he is a bluffmaster!
  • Personal Attention – When meeting with a Real Estate Agent you should feel that you are getting personal attention, if they are texting, answering emails, and phone calls while you are trying to conduct the interview, this is a sure sign that personal attention is not going to be received by this Agent. An emergency is an emergency, but an Agent who is constantly interrupted for an emergency is not a good time manager or not completing assignments necessary to close deals.
  • Time Management – Your time is important to you, you want an Agent who makes appointments and keeps them. You need an Agent who has access to the buildings you want to see when you have the time. A good Agent knows the Management, Consigners, and Doormen of the Buildings, and can get access at a convenient time for you.  
  • Known by Name – You can tell you have the right Agent when you walk into a building and your Agent is greeted by name by the Doorman, the Front Desk and the Management Office at the residential buildings tucked into the Historic Streets of FiDi. An Agent that knows the staff of the buildings is an asset to you if you decide to lease in that building, the Agent will be able to introduce you to the people who will make your transition to your new apartment stress free, which is part of the Agent’s job, to make looking for an apartment, finding an apartment and renting an apartment stress free.
  • Turns Stress into Relief – A Professional Real Estate Agent will guide you through your appointments, only set up appointments for apartments that meet your needs, and at times that are convenient to your schedule. Your Agent is a deal maker, schmoozing, cajoling, and negotiating are a part of the job. A Professional Agent familiar with the oldest streets in Manhattan, which comprise the FiDi District will show you all that the neighborhood has to offer, from the oldest taverns to the newest clubs in New York.
  • Cutting the Deal – A Professional Real Estate Agent can negotiate on your behalf to get you into the right apartment at the right price and for the right amount of time. An Agent that is respected, known, and whose reputation precedes them is the best negotiator for you when it comes time for the details. Putting together the lease is the Agent’s specialty, guiding you through the lease is their responsibility.
  • Producing Results – Signing the Lease is when it all comes together. You selected an Agent because of certain attributes, Appearance, Personal Attention, Time Management, Well Known, Stress Free and the ability to negotiate the terms you want when renting an apartment. Now you have found your FiDi Apartment, your Agent has negotiated the terms, reviewed the lease and introduced you to the staff of the building, all you have to do is sign and move in and start exploring your new neighborhood.
  • A Real Estate Agent that is familiar with the neighborhood, buildings and people of FiDi, and who is diligent and responsive, is an invaluable asset to you when you are looking to live in New York’s Historic FiDi District. When you are looking to move into the hottest neighborhood in Manhattan, Historic FiDi, the best ally you can have in your quest for a new apartment is a Professional Real Estate Agent who knows the neighborhood and who is known by the neighborhood.
  • Fidi, once the home to the Dutch Elite, beaver pelt trading, oyster beds, the shipping industry and financial exchange is once again an integrated neighborhood of residential units and the world’s largest financial institutions.

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